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Own development and Git on Bianca

Install software yourself

  • If not available on Bianca already (like Conda repositories) you may have to use the Wharf to install your tools
    • Alternatively let an Application Expert install the tool as a module.


  • Download the source code or binary (Linux on x86 and 64-bit) to Rackham first
  • Transfer to the wharf
  • Then, either
    • You can install in your home directory.
      • This is handy for personal needs, low numbers of files (i.e. not Conda).
    • Usually better to install in project directory.
      • This way the project contains both data and software — good for reproducibility, collaboration, and everyone's general sanity.
  • Binaries for Linux on x86 and 64-bit should be able to be run directly as it is, see the software specific installation documentation.
  • or build from source, see next session.

Build from source

Git on Bianca

  • You may develop code on Bianca with a local repo.
  • However, to push to GitHub, you have to manually copy your git repo via the wharf to another place, like
    • local computer or Rackham.
    • ... and from there push to GitHub.
  • ... and conversely pulling from remote to local with internet connection
    • and transfer back to Bianca via wharf
  • A little cumbersome but doable!

  • For collaboration within a sens project your can have a "local" remote repo in your common project folder.

  • More on Git on Bianca